Truong Giang |

Tram Troi town |

Hoai Duc district |

Hanoi, Vietnam |

+84 378 341 994 |

[email protected]


Passionate about WordPress. Developer with three years of WordPress programming experience (both themes and plugins), proficient in HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, comfortable with using version control system. My direction is to focus on WordPress and Javascript. I'm ambitious, hard-working and eager to learn.



Learn Information Technology from 2012 - 2017



Remote WordPress plugin developer
07/2018 - now

Maintain and develop new features for plugins.

Resolve support tickets.

METABOX | Hanoi, Vietnam

WordPress plugin developer
05/2017 - 06/2018

Maintain and develop new features for Meta Box plugin and

Work on outsource projects.

AWETHEMES | Hanoi, Vietnam

WordPress theme developer
07/2015 - 01/2016

WordPress plugin developer
02/2016 - 04/2017


Freelancer web developer
2013 - now


PuppyFW |

A free WordPress options framework with premium features: tab, group, repeatable, field dependency.

Any Posts Widget |

A free WordPress plugin provides a light widget allow user choose any posts to display quickly, easily drag and drop ordering.

MetaBox online generator |

A tool to generate code to register meta boxes and custom fields for plugin Meta Box.

MetaBox revision |

MB Revision extension for Meta Box allows you to track changes of the custom fields for post revisions: saving, comparing and restoring data from revision.

Hilo Vacation Homes |

Develop a Properties rental WordPress plugin.

Sanitizer |

A simple and stand-alone PHP sanitizer library with no dependencies.

WP Redirect With Error |

This class handles the error when redirecting to other URL in WordPress. Use simple URL parameter and nonce, don't use SESSION or COOKIE which not advised in WordPress. |

Travel/Tour website. |

News/Magazine website.

Mylog |

Premium Personal blog theme.

Maxus |

Premium eCommerce/Shop theme.

Rentahotel |

Premium Hotel booking theme.



Experience in developing WordPress themes, plugins and WordPress core.

Work with advanced features: REST API, AJAX, Customizer, DB Query,…


PSD to HTML/CSS, WordPress. Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap, jQuery,…

Can use Vue, React, Angular, Backbone to build powerful applications.

Familiar with SASS, JADE/PUG, LESS, coffeescript,…

Development tools

Comfortable with using VCS (git, svn), gulp, grunt, composer, phpunit,…

Server, Linux

Comfortable with using command-line tools (I use Ubuntu for my computer).

Can setup LAMP/LEMP stack for server.

Can work with Vagrant, Docker.



Football, Rap music, Horror film, PC building, Hackintosh

Favorite football teams

Vietnam, Brazil, Manchester United.

Favorite singer

Eminem, Lil' Knight.